Q. Is the sale conducted like an auction or how does it work?
A. All items are priced prior to the sale which gives you an opportunity to review the prices prior to the sale.

Q. What types of items may I include in the sale?
A. All saleable merchandise from furniture, antiques, jewelry, coins, books and cars to clothing, kitchen, garage, miscellaneous Items.

Q. Who Prices These items?
A. All items are priced by Cross Current staff. We use qualified appraisers on an “as needed” basis.

Q. Security?
A. We at Cross Current Estates are very security conscious. Sales are fully staffed with needed personnel to accommodate a successful sale. In some cases we employ security services.

Q. What type of payment is accepted at the sale?
A. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted at the sale. In some cases, checks will be accepted at our discretion.

Q What are the general procedures?
A. Our first step is cleaning, setting up and displaying of merchandise to be sold. This is followed by pricing. These first two steps generally take 3-4 days. This is followed by the sale itself (generally 3-4 days). The final step is making sure all sold items have been picked up, arranging to dispose of remainder items, vacuuming the premises and removing any trash. We leave the property clean and free of debris.

Q. When do I receive proceeds from the sale?
A. 10 working days following the last day of the sale.

Q. How do you advertise?
A. Local newspapers, large “mailing list” of buyers, sellers, collectors network. We also have an extensive network of buyers who frequent our sales due to our cleanliness, attention to detail, and overall superior performance in staging an estate sale. We communicate with our buyers regularly via email and other media outlets.

Q. What if I have friends or family members who I would like to have attend the sale?
A. To accommodate family members and friends, after all items are cleaned and priced we will set up a time prior to opening of the sale for family members and friends selected by you to attend a private pre-sale. During this private pre-sale the marked price on the items is the price they may purchase it for. If they do not wish to pay this price they may leave a written bid for the item. Our clients like this procedure due to its fairness and, in some cases, can eliminate some sticky situations.

Q. When do you reduce the price of items?
A. Cross Current Estates will allow people to leave bids on merchandise. However, we do not generally review the bids until the evening before the final day of the sale when reductions are made in prices.

Q. How much do you charge and how do you get paid?
A. We charge a percentage of the total sale proceeds. Our fee is very competitive and is stated at the time we visit with you personally.

Q. Do I have to pay in advance?
A. No. Payment is made from sale proceeds.

Q. Do you have a Contract Agreement?
A. Yes we have a contract which puts in writing what we both agree to.

Q. Do you have off-premise location for sales?
A. Cross Current Estates can arrange off-premise sales. However, our business is to liquidate the merchandise for you in a hassle free, professional manner, and get you TOP LIQUIDATION VALUE in a short period of time. Generally items sell best in their own setting. However, off-premise sales are sometimes necessary.

Q. How do you handle jewelry, stamps, coins, small antique valuables, silver, guns?
A. All valuables are placed in a secure locking cabinet and are under constant supervision during the sale.

Q. The real property is under contract pending closing. What do you do regarding care of the real property?
A. At the time of our visit, you will advise us of all items that are not to be sold and are part of the contract pending. Care is given to limit the flow of people through the home so that our staff can adequately supervise them. Supervision of parking area and care to not block neighbors driveway is also given. If the Real Property is going to be sold, the Estate Sale will give the property tremendous exposure and can help sell the property!.